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A visit to the Priorat wineries from Barcelona

In sheltered lowlands and cool gorges, among terraces as flat as a palm and impeccably clear streams, well cultivated fields sit in the sun... A land of vineyards, wild cliffs and cliffs: this is the secret of the birth of the great Priorat wines.

Premium wine tours with an exclusive range of services

This is where we at Casamiga Events organise our premium wine tours with an exclusive range of services.

Espardinhas and sardana, fideua and tapas, magnificent architecture and a medieval spirit that has survived to the present day. We will introduce you to the unique wines of the Priorat, whose production is sometimes so specialized that you can't buy it anywhere else but at the winemaker's. We will see ancient monasteries, taste the favourite dishes of Catalan gourmets and enjoy the mountainous landscapes of this unique region.

The proximity of the warm sea and the protection from the cold northern winds provided by the quirky and picturesque Montserrat range create a unique climate in this place.

Tasting and lunch at the Priorat winery

The first winery you visit has... a long history. The grapes used to make wine have been grown here for 300 years.

You will be greeted by the owner of the winery, who is absolutely passionate about what he does. The wines you'll be tasting belong to the higher category of premium wines, priced at around €400 per bottle.

In the afternoon we will visit ancient Tarragona, the most Roman city in Spain. It was once the seat of the Roman Emperor Octavian and was the starting point of the conquest of the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Wine tasting in Priorat, tour from Barcelona 2022 | Casamiga Events
Wine tasting in Priorat: tour from Barcelona 202

We invite you into the heart of the Priorat and put you in the best boutique hotel

Our hotel is an old private estate. It is a building that has been artfully integrated into the stunning mountain landscape at 750 metres above sea level, giving its guests indescribable views, the warmth of home comfort and the best of Catalan cuisine.

The cellars of the hotel, of course, have their own wine cellar, whose wines we are sure to taste. The place is an incredible delight of smells, sounds and colours!

Dinner in the hotel restaurant or in a Michelin-starred restaurant. You can only get in by reservation and the fish and seafood is brought in fresh from Cambrils city every day.

Wine Event from Barcelona to Priorat | Casamiga Events
Hotel in Priorat. Wine Event from Barcelona to Priorat

Let's visit the gems of Priorat in its environs, shall we?

It is home to a family winery that dates back to 1604 (a date confirmed by documents). Being close to the famous monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet, the winemakers of this winery cannot ignore their historical production techniques.

Mainly using modern equipment, for one of the wines they have chosen the exotic method of aging in large ceramic amphorae, which is very much in keeping with ancient techniques. It is very rare to see anything like this.

The winery you visit is distinguished by its ability to create wines of such high quality that they become even more valuable as they age and are an investment. The vineyards of this winery are in excellent conditions to create an exclusive wine. The grapes grow 350 metres above sea level. And the winds that bring the moisture of the Mediterranean create a special microclimate.

At the end of our wine tour we will head towards Barcelona. All wine tours we start from Barcelona. The trip is possible in your own car or in a chauffeur-driven vehicle, which we will provide for your private wine tour.

Spanish Wine Tasting in Priorat | Casamiga Events
Spanish Wine Tasting in Priorat

Private wine tours to the best wineries in the Priorat

Casamiga Events organises private wine tours to the best wineries in the Priorat, providing luxury in every detail. You will have access to: 

  • Private tasting of the region's exclusive wines
  • Exclusive winery visit (no other visitors)
  • Top 5 star luxury hotels
  • Unique gastronomy from Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Michelin-starred chef cooking right in the winery and only for you *(optional)
  • Direct introductions to Michelin star restaurant chefs and top winery owners
  • Private driver and luxurious vehicle for the entire journey

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