Personal first class wine & food journey
DOQ Priorat

The Priorat region in Catalonia (Spain) is a territory where winemaking has been developing for a very long time.
1-2 days
from Barcelona
for 1-2 persons

DOQ Priorat: personal first class wine & food journey

The Priorat region in Catalonia (Spain) is a territory where winemaking has been developing for a very long time.
1-2 days
from Barcelona
for 1-2 persons

The Priorat region

There are many wine regions in Spain whose wines have a distinctive reputation for quality. The Priorat region in Catalonia (Spain) is a territory where winemaking has been developing for a very long time.
About location
Priorat, is the wine region of Spain, marked not only with the DO mark, but even DOQ. What does it mean?

These wines have been labelled with the DOQ mark and meet all the above-mentioned conditions for more than 10 years. In Catalonia, this is the first and so far only region that has been awarded the DOQ. DOQ quality label since the year 2000.
Production of wine
Only locally grown grapes are used in the production of wine. only locally grown grapes and wine production takes place at a local winery its full cycle, and all stages of wine production, from growing of the vine to the bottling of the wine, have been compliant with approved criteria quality criteria for a minimum of 5 years. All of this takes place at the local winery winery, called Bodega in Spanish.

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Two Days Premium
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  • 20 premium wines
  • Snacks at the wineries
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  • SPA treatment
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  • Lunch cooked by the Michelin-starred chef personally for youstraight at the winery
  • Exclusive visit to a famous winery inaccessible to tourists
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Features of the Priorat region

Today, the Priorat is considered to be the leading wine-producing region in Spain and one of the most promising in Europe. Local wines are now firmly established among the world's elite, overtaking Bordeaux and Burgundy, and the region has become a true mecca for connoisseurs of fine wine.

Thanks to its unique soil and climate, the Priory produces wines of the highest quality. Wines from Priorat wineries have broken all records at auctions in New York. In 2000, Priorat was certified for DOQ (Denominació d'Origen Qualificada), the highest quality rating for Spanish wines.

Your journey to Priorat

Route start. Departure from Barcelona.
#1. These grapes have been growing here for 300 years
The first winery, you'll be visiting you will visit has a... a long history. The grapes from that are made here the grapes that make wine here, have been growing here for 300 years.

You'll be greeted by the owner the owner of the winery, who is who is absolutely passionate in his business. The wines you will be tasting, belong to the highest category of premium wines, priced at around 400 euros a bottle.
#2. Vineyards in existence since 1850
This is a winery whose vineyards vineyards have been in existence since 1850.
The land in this place is very special, it's... is made up of dry stones, and the root of the grapes has to to make its way down to the fertile ground sometimes almost 20 metres.

The modern winery was built in 1998, with the Grenache and Carignan grape varieties growing predominantly here, and adheres to the principles of biodynamics. The grapes are harvested by hand. All the minerals and flavours of the Mediterranean are present in the grapes, so both the grapes and the wine from them are very special.

As far back as 1888, wine made from grapes grown on this land wine made from grapes grown on this land was awarded a gold medal in Barcelona and silver in Paris. In the modern hall of the winery with modern winegrowing room with a beautiful view of the vineyards you can enjoy a glass of wine with accompanied by specially selected music.
#3. The wine vault of this winery is a work of art
The next winery we're going to visit, is absolutely amazing. Its vaults look like the crowns of fairy-tale trees. The wine vault of this winery is a work of art. This winery is an estate dominated by local varieties such as Carignan, Grenache and Serach, as well as international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Marlot. The founders of the winery began construction in 1998 and finished planting the vines in 2002.
#4. Tasting of the winery's
The vineyards are built on technologically advanced terraces with dense vegetation. Tasting of the winery's finest wines and mono wines straight from the barrel awaits.
#5. A wonderful place: five-star luxury boutique hotel
The last place of the day is a five-star luxury boutique hotel nestled amongst the mountains and forest. Situated on the site of a former monastery, where monks have been growing grapes since the 12th century, this hotel is situated in the heart of the Monsanto Nature Park, in harmony and with unbelievable views.

The hotel has 15 hectares of its own vineyard. There is a winery where the wine is produced and you can enjoy a personal DOQ Priorat wine tasting and dinner in the restaurant.
#6. Dinner at a restaurant by a renowned chef
Dinner at the Alma Mater will be led by Chef Mattia Turchet. Mattia Turchet has worked with distinguished chefs such as Albert and Ferran Adrià.
#7. Second day, after breakfast at the hotel
The winery that we are about to visit is distinguished by its ability to create wines of such high quality that they become even more valuable as they age and are an investment. The vineyards of this winery are in excellent conditions for the creation of an exclusive wine. The grapes grow at an altitude of 350 metres above sea level. And the winds that bring in the moisture of the Mediterranean create a special microclimate.

The whole soil is made up of shale rocks and is very rich in minerals. The grape varieties are Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cheraz, Merlot, Tempranillo, Cari Era, Garnacha Blanca, Mocabello, Xarello, Moscatel de Alejandrà and Kyria.

It was not until 1989 that the first vintage was harvested at the winery, and now the wine guide lists these wines among the top 150 wines of the world at prices starting at 300 euros per bottle, including a tour of the winery itself and a tasting of some old and exclusive wines.
#8. Investment wine
In a special secret place, where the door opens, like in the Harry Potter story, from a bookcase, you will find a wine deposit where investment wine is kept. This winery suggests investing in wine that is only improving its taste even after half a century.
#8. Lunch at the absolutely stunning Michelin-starred restaurant
From Priorat, you will leave for the Mediterranean coast. Here you'll be treated to lunch at the absolutely stunning Michelin-starred restaurant led by Chef Pep Moreno.

Dining at this restaurant is a spectacle that touches all the senses at once: it is a visual, musical and gustatory experience at the same time. The tablecloths and plates are the scene of a surprising spectacle. The same dish sounds different for each guest and the ingredients have to be guessed. All this takes place accompanied by the chef himself.


Dinner prepared by the Michelin-starred Chef, right in the winery, exclusively for you. Rafel Muria is a true young star in Spanish cooking. His dish received the highest score in the history of the Balfeg National Bluefin Tuna Gastronomy Competition.

After this amazing meal, guests are whisked back to Barcelona and our magical journey comes to an end.

Luxury is in every detail

Private tasting of the region's exclusive wines
Exclusive winery visiting (no other visitors)
Best 5-star luxury hotels
Unique gastronomy of Michelin-starred restaurants
Michelin-starred chef cooks right at the winery and just for you *(optional)
Direct acquaintance with chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants and owners of the best wineries
Personal driver and luxury vehicle during the entire journey