Personal first class wine & food journey
DO Empordà

The Emporda region in Catalonia (Spain) is a territory where winemaking has been developing for a very long time.
1-2 days
from Barcelona
for 1-2 persons

DO Empordà: personal first class wine & food journey

The Emporda region in Catalonia (Spain) is a territory where winemaking has been developing for a very long time.
1-2 days
from Barcelona
for 1-2 persons

The Emporda region

The Emporda region in Catalonia (Spain) is a territory where winemaking has been developing for a very long time.
About location
The location of this region is absolutely exceptional. It is located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea and this is the place, where the strong Tramontana wind blows, reaching 120 km/h. The taste of the grapes here is, therefore, very special and the wine is amazing and incorporates the wind freshness, the sea flavour, and the experience of antiquity...
Historic heritage
Emporda is a DO-marked wine region in Catalonia. Local wines have been awarded the quality mark for a long time. Back in the VI century BC in the territory of modern Catalonia, namely in the Emporda region, the Greeks grew grapes for wine. Then the Romans came to this land and the local wine was sent directly to the emperor’s table.
Refinement & delicacy
Arena is place where the Cariena grape variety grows, which gives the wine refinement and delicacy. Aluvial is the soil that is located in the centre of the region and is rich in pebbles and silt, which make it perfect for white grapes.

Pizarra is the land located in the highest zone of the Emporda region fills the grapes with a special set of minerals.

Private Event Tours

1 or 2 days full-of-emotions trip include:
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  • 2 wineries
  • 10 premium wines
  • Snacks at the wineries
  • 1 Michelin-starred restaurant
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Two Days Premium
Price from €1400 per person
  • 4 wineries
  • 20 premium wines
  • Snacks at the wineries
  • 1 Michelin-starred restaurant
  • 1 night in a boutique hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • SPA treatment
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Two Days Delux
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  • 4 wineries
  • 20 premium wines
  • Snacks at the wineries
  • 2 Michelin-starred restaurants
  • 1 night in a boutique hotel
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Live music at the winery
  • Lunch cooked by the Michelin-starred chef personally for youstraight at the winery
  • Exclusive visit to a famous winery inaccessible to tourists
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  • Picnic lunch full of local delicacies
  • Wine tasting among the vineyards with stunning views and a picnic lunch with plenty of local delicacies
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  • Night under the stars amongst the vineyards. Glamping in luxury tents next to a wine estate with a rich history
  • You'll spend a warm evening by the fireplace and dine on wine. Stargaze through a telescope and enjoy breakfast with panoramic views over the Penedes Valley
  • Walk amongst the vineyards and explore the Miocene limestone gorge. And, of course, part of the programme is a tasting amongst the vineyards
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Features of the Emporda region

This region is different in that it has 4 different types of soil, each provides grapes and wine with own special quality. Gresa is a soil formed with sand and meteorite granite. It brings elegance and sophisticated bouquet to the wine.

Your journey to Emporda

Route start. Departure from Barcelona.
#1. ‘The Lost World’
The name of the first winery you visit can be translated as ‘The Lost World’. Not far from the Mediterranean Sea, at an altitude of 140 meters above sea level, the best grape varieties for highquality wines grow on granite soil. They are well-known Grenache white and red, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay.

The wine from this winery won silver medals at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards. These wines are imported to the sophisticated countries such as France, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, China, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, as well as other countries throughout the world.
#2. The cellar of the winery located at a depth of 28 meters
Even the architectural design of the winery contributes to the production of high-quality wine. The huge cellar of the winery located at a depth of 28 meters allows the wines to mature in the most natural environment. It is worthy to note that this winery was awarded Greening Certificate since 2012.

The winery was established in 1999, when French aristocrats bought old vineyards after the long-time search. The owners put their hearts and knowledge into this "lost world".

They created a magnificent ecological wine that shows us the flavour, taste and energy of this unique land. The wines of this winery reveal the spirit of the Emporda region to the world.
#3. At the foot of the Pyrenees
The next winery you visit is located at the very foot of the Pyrenees. The winery has own specific character. This is because from the XX century the winery has been managed by an amazing woman, Narcisa Vicens.

She became a widow at a young age and devoted a significant part of her time to the local school taking a post of the director. She also engaged in the wine export and was a very powerful person in the region.

To make wine at this winery they use famous grape varieties such as Grenache, Carignan, Piquepoul, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Like in all the best wineries in Catalonia, all stages of the wine birth here take place at the winery plant, where grapes grown on this land are used, and then wine matures and is bottled.
#4. A wonderful place
The winery premises is located in a wonderful place with breathtaking views of the vineyards and mountains.

The wine tasting for you will take place in a specially furnished modern storage facility on a terrace with beautiful views that complement the richness of the wine served. The storage facility as well as the winery premises were built by famous Catalan architect.
#5. Wine Spa & Golf
We offer you to top off the evening at the Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf, where you will find a wonderful dinner, massage spa treatments and even wine therapy. The dishes at L'Olivera restaurant will be cooked under the charge of the famous chef Paco Perez, who was awarded 5 Michelin stars.
#6. After breakfast, you can walk to the IX century castle
Castillo de Peralada, next to the hotel. The Castle of Peralada is an important and complex artistic complex built in the 14th century by the Rocaberti viscounts, after the first fortress, known as Castro Tolon and situated in the highest part of the primitive core of the town, was destroyed in 1285 during the Crusade against Catalonia under the command of the French King Philip the Bold. The castle was the main residence of the Rocaberti family until the 19th century when they moved to Paris.
#7. The finest Mediterranean wine tasting
On the Tramonata windblown land of geniuses andartists, art and nature come together to create the finest Mediterranea nwine. 10 hectares of vineyards give the excellent varieties of Grenache white, Grenache pink and Carignan white. The age of these vines varies from 90 to 120 years.
#8. The age of these vines varies from 50 to 100 years
The grape varieties such as Red Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are also harvested here. The age of these vines varies from 50 to 100 years. All vineyard fields are
environmentally safe and strictly adhere to the principles of biodynamics. The grapes are harvested here by hand in small boxes of 10 kg. This method allows you selecting the best bunches for wine.
#9. The finest Mediterranean wine
This winery has revived a 300-year tradition of wine making, producing and storing wine in amphorae. Amphora allows wine breathing and keeps it fresh.
#10. Lunch in a Michelin-starred restaurant
After the tasting, you will be driven to the Mediterranean coast. It is here, on the Mediterranean coast, you will have lunch in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

This restaurant will give you a rare combination of beautiful views of the endless sea horizon and haute cuisine. The kitchen is led by a young and very ambitious chef Quim Casellas, who is in love with his job and makes each of his dishes one-of-a-kind.


Michelin-starred chef will cook right at the winery and just for you.
#11. Winery which is rooted from the XV century
After lunch, you will visit a winery, which is rooted from the XV century. This is a rare place
that preserved written proofs of the vineyards existence on this land at the beginning of the 15th century. In 1792, a farmhouse was built, which has survived to this day.

In 2002, a new modern winery was built, which design was made by the famous Spanish architect Chuz Manzanares. Today this winery possesses 42 hectares of magnificent vineyards

The philosophy of local winemakers is that the best wines are made in the vineyard, rather
than in the cellar. The vineyards, therefore, are taken care of as a home garden. Conditions created here exclude treatment with synthetic chemicals. Harvesting is done by hand and fruits are folded into boxes of up to 15 kg.

After the tasting, you are driven back to Barcelona and our journey ends, while the impression and memory thereof will remain forever.

Luxury is in every detail

Private tasting of the region's exclusive wines
Exclusive winery visiting (no other visitors)
Best 5-star luxury hotels
Unique gastronomy of Michelin-starred restaurants
Michelin-starred chef cooks right at the winery and just for you *(optional)
Direct acquaintance with chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants and owners of the best wineries
Personal driver and luxury vehicle during the entire journey