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Love you, guys! We think back of our trip in September every day. Oooh, the wine, each supported by such an uncommon history. Touching the winemaking process was magic for me. How fascinating these processes are.

The food was great, just a piece of art and temptation! My husband and I felt young again, perky and cheerful, and so carefree. Individual trips are the level we now expect everywhere. A personal driver and a luxurious car - this was the first time we ever had such a service, and, Gosh, how convenient it is!

Our trip was a once-in-a-lifetime event ... but we can't wait to do it again! Thank you for the experience! We will live our memories forever.
We’ve just landed in Toronto and already miss Spain. How quickly and intensely these days passed for us. That was a wonderful experience; you made it so perfect for us! All the people supporting us along the route were wonderful, as were the wineries, restaurants, and the hotel.

I have only one thing that I would change ... I would love to relive these days again.
That was the best trip we both have ever been on. The service quality, the choice of wineries, hotels, restaurants, all of that was incredible.

We really felt that we got the best things ever in Spain presented for tourists. We were not tired during those two days, but we had an unforgettable experience! We are those who are spoilt with good wine, so we did appreciate the quality of the wines! The meals were a real discovery for us. Besides, the fact that a Michelin-starred chef came to the winery blew us away.

Raphael appeared to be very nice and sociable, and his dishes were a real delight! On the second day, there was a restaurant with the most unusual approach to food! It is genius to mix the art of theatre with a meal! The reality beat all the expectations! We will remember this with great spirit
We had real fun! This is the best way to start acquainting with Spain. Delicious wine and food! Landscapes, people, stories. The evening at the hotel was unforgettable.

We do appreciate that you advised us to choose the Penedès region, because of the Cava and Korpinat. These were really a novelty for us and now we are in love with this drink, because the process of production is such a magic and differs from general winemaking. It was especially pleasant during the whole trip to be in private with people such as winemakers, cooks, driver.

No crowds, groups or other tourists. In this, we can feel the care and client-oriented approach in the services. So now we recommend the event tour to our friends! Moreover, we’d like to try other regions of Spain in future
I was looking for a tour to give a surprise to my husband and celebrate his anniversary on the trip. We also took our close friends along and it was the best solution possible! My husband will definitely remember this for the rest of his life.

The event arrangements were one of the main things that were important for me, because I wanted to enjoy my vacation as well without worrying as to who and where will meet us and where we go next. This discharged a lot of my anxiety and managed to relax. The wine was incredible! How interesting it was to learn about the life of wineries; upon seeing the whole process with your own eyes, you treat the drink in your glass differently.

There is history, people, work and love behind it. It was very pleasant that we were welcomed everywhere by the winery masters. They are all so passionate about what they do. Besides, they are the ones who know best about wine. We felt pleased talking to everyone. Thank you for combining so many interesting things within two days, and doing it so efficiently. We will definitely re-enjoy this trip again!