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Personalised events with a local vision

Everything is relevant and every detail adds up when it comes to organise an event and making it original and different. But sometimes it is not easy to achieve that level of personalisation. One of the keys to achieve it is to build an event with a local story and essence, with the help of local experts who can give a more specialised vision of the environment in which the event takes place.

From small meeting events to themed dinner for two in Michelin star restaurant

At Casamiga Events we provide our clients with all our knowledge of the unique places of the Catalonia y in order to contribute our local vision to each event. We organise your private event in emblematic venues of gastronomy in Barcelona and other regions of Catalonia, in Michelin star restaurants, in monuments, farmhouses, wineries... From small meeting events to themed dinners for two.

As a destination management company we also take care of the hotel, transport and the entire program of activities so that those attending enjoy their stay to the full.

Themed dinner for two in Michelin star restaurant

We know a lot about gastronomy in Spain

We put at your disposal a variety of gastronomic experiences: 

  • Dining in Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona or other cities in Catalonia
  • Live cooking in unique spaces
  • Participation in tastings with local producers.

A unique program for your private event in Barcelona

Creating a good private program for an event can determine, to a large extent, the success of the event. This is where the search for special experiences that cannot be found elsewhere and that add value and make a difference to each event becomes really important.

Barcelona and other cities of Catalonia as a destination offer endless possibilities when it comes to designing these activities that complement your private event and as a destination management company we are experts in designing programs that help to create synergies between participants.

A unique program for your private event in Barcelona

Our Wine & Gastronomic events allow you to have a nice holiday

Spend more time on your holiday and less time planning when choosing our Wine & Gastronomic events. We offer a great accommodations with friendly and helpful service. Our Wine & Gastronomic events depending on the tastes and type of event, they also allow you to rest.

Casamiga Events is your local event planner and takes care of the complete process of managing your private event: we take care of the planning, organise your private event, contracting and coordination of the event. For this we have the support of the best network of collaborators in the destination in the areas of Image, Communication, Production and Organise, Support Staff and Technical Secretariat.

Whether it is a meeting of the management team in a singular space or a personal event, whatever your case may be, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in the whole process from pre to post-event.

Our Wine & Gastronomic events allow you to have a nice holiday

Transfer management, the key to the success of your private event

Transfer management is one of those aspects that can determine the success or otherwise of a trip and is not without its complexities. That is why it is of vital importance to have a network of reliable partners who are capable of providing a rapid response and who pay special attention to customer service.

Our work with transfers, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the destination, a good dose of creativity and the ability to adapt to changes that may arise in the management of your private event.

As a destination management company we can organise your private trip to the winery and gastronomic places with a chauffeur-driven rental car. If you prefer to drive, we can also organise the entire itinerary with you in mind.

Transfer management, the key to the success of your private event

For you, we will work out all the details of the itinerary to make your gastronomic journey as comfortable and carefree as possible. Contact us now to find out more about the unique private journeys we organise.

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