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Private wine tour to the Priorat from Barcelona

Enjoying good weather is the main thing we strive for every summer. And enjoying good weather with delicious Spanish wine and gastronomic delights is what demanding travellers strive for when they come to Barcelona.

Every year, more and more visitors to Barcelona are taking time out for wine tourism, tasting the stunning wines from different regions of Spain. One of the must-see wine regions in Spain is the Priorat. The Priorat wine region is an hour and a half drive from Barcelona.

We invite you to visit this wine region of Catalonia which, along with the famous Rioja, has the highest D.O.Q. rating. It is an exclusive winery producing 3 million bottles a year, which are sold to wealthy European consumers.

Barcelona Priorat Wine Tour | Casamiga Events
Priorat Wine Tour | Casamiga Events

Priorat wines have become, in recent decades, the stuff of legend and the pride of Spanish winemaking. Thanks to the unique climate, the topography and the hard work of the local winemakers, the tart and intense red wines of Priorat regularly win top prizes in competitions and break records at auctions around the world. 

The famous American wine critic Robert Parker considers the Priory's wines to be the best in the world. A tour to the Priorat is therefore a unique opportunity to see where and how some of the most famous wines on the planet are made and to meet their makers.

Barcelona Priorat Wine Tour | Casamiga Events
Priorat wine-growing region in Catalonia | Casamiga Events

Priorat: the elite of Spanish winemaking

The history of the Priorat wine-growing region in Catalonia, Spain, is full of ups and downs. The first wines were made here in the 12th century by Cartesian monks. The unique natural surroundings helped to produce good wine until the end of the 19th century, when an epidemic of Phylloxera vines caused irreparable damage to the local wine industry and the whole region's economy.

For most of the 20th century the area produced only table wine, and the Priorat all but disappeared from the Spanish wine map. Only thirty years ago the wines of the region were unheard of, even by specialists.

That all changed only in late 1970s, when the region was rediscovered by a group of Spanish winemakers led by René Barbier and Álvaro Palacios. They believed that, thanks to the unique characteristics of local soils and climate, the Priory could produce the highest quality wines with the right approach.

Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events

In just a few years, Priorat vineyards' wines won top prizes and broke records at auctions in New York. In 2000 Priorat was certified as a DOQ (Denominació d'Origen Qualificada), the highest quality level for Spanish wines, the only other region to receive this certification being Rioja.

Today, the Priorat is considered to be the leading wine-producing region in Spain, and one of the most promising in Europe. The local wines are well-established among the world elite, having superseded Bordeaux and Burgundy, and the region has become a true mecca for the lovers of fine wine.

Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Summer Winery | Casamiga Events

What is so special about Priorat and its wines?

1. The climate. Lots of sunshine and minimal rainfall, with hot summers, ideal conditions for the wine industry. The productivity of the vines is extremely low; quality, not quantity, concerns Priorat.

2. Soils. The volcanic schist that makes up the slopes of the Priorat gives its wines their unique flavours. Due to the dry climate, the roots of the old vines penetrate dozens of metres into the soil in search of moisture, saturating the grapes with minerals.

3. Terrain. There are virtually no plains here all the vineyards are located on mountain slopes. Because of this, the grapes are harvested and processed by hand in most of the local wineries.

Thanks to all these factors, Priorat wines are as dense, tart, full-bodied and fruity as possible. The wines raise the bar so high in terms of richness of taste that even the famous Spanish Rioja is perceived as a light, dull wine. Once you have tasted a Priorat wine, you risk becoming a wine slave.

Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events

Priorat wine tours from Barcelona

Visiting the Priorat wine region and learning about the local wine making process is a unique experience for all lovers of good wine.
The picturesque mountain slopes and beautiful old villages, as well as the excellent rural restaurants, make a visit to the Priorat even more interesting. Besides wine, Priorat is also famous for its olive oil.

Private wine tour near Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Private wine tour near Barcelona, Spain

Would you like to visit more than one Priorat winery?

We will organise it for you. On a private tour, we will take you to some of the Priory's stunning wineries, which are not accessible to normal tourism.

We can visit both a couple of traditional small family wineries in the Priorat, and the top vineyards in the region, owned by the founding fathers of modern winemaking.

During our trip, you'll learn in great detail about the characteristics of the local Spanish winemaking industry, and get the answer to why the wines from the Priorat have gained such fame far beyond its borders.

Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Priorat Wine Tour | Casamiga Events

Wine walking and wine tasting tour

Part of our Wine Tour is a walk in the vineyards on the slopes of the beautiful mountains. We'll finish with a wine tasting, where you'll learn how to properly drink wine and get a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Private wine tour near Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Private wine tour near Barcelona, Spain

Would you like more variety on your wine tour?

Let us put together a tailor-made wine tour programme for you. In addition to wine tours, we organise individual gastronomic tours to the Priory.

Our tour day can consist of a visit to two wineries with lunch at one of the wineries, or a visit to one winery and an organic olive oil farm, for which Priorat is also famous. 

If you wish, you can visit the historic complex at the site of the Carthusian monastery of Skala Dei, where the history of Priorat winemaking began in the 13th century, or the stunningly beautiful medieval cliff-top village of Siurana.

Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Priorat Vine Tasting Tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events

What might your sightseeing day look like?

Imagine starting your morning with a walk through the vineyards, observing the seasonal work of the vintners. During the walk, the owner of the winery himself will personally tell you about the varieties and methods of grape and olive oil production.

You will then return to the winery farm where the winery owner will give you a tour of his wine cellars, introducing you to the intricacies of wine production. At the end there will be a wine tasting combined with cheeses and cured meats. And of course olive oil! If you wish, you can buy directly from the producer, without any mark-up.

Private wine tour near Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Ultimate winery experiences in Priorat | Casamiga Events

The excursion will continue to an old Spanish village, incredibly colourful and cosy, where only 24 people live and where the ruins of a 1000-year-old castle are located. It once belonged to a beautiful princess and was also the last abode of Muslims in Catalonia. The place holds a wealth of stories and legends, the most interesting of which you are sure to discover.

At the end of an amazingly interesting day, you'll have dinner at one of the authentic restaurants. For example, at a restaurant on the precipice of a mountain, with breathtaking views of the valley and the Priorat wine region. Or in a Michelin restaurant with fabulous dishes cooked exclusively for you.

Private wine tour near Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Michelin restaurant and Ultimate winery experiences in Priorat | Casamiga Events

And most important: no tourist crowds!

The day will be dedicated just to you and your loved ones, if you wish to go on a tour for two or three. After the tour, you'll return to Barcelona or transfer to your hotel. We can organise a chauffeur-driven transfer or offer car rental for your private use.

Know that with Casamiga Events there will be no boring itineraries!

We offer you an insight into the wine regions of Catalonia through the eyes of the locals, showing you the most hidden places, authentic restaurants with great cuisine and itineraries inaccessible to tour groups.

You will have a long and pleasant aftertaste of the walks and tours, and hundreds of photos of your stay in Spain will take you back to our Beloved Barcelona on long winter evenings.

Find out more about our Priorat wine tour programsContact us to book your tasting day! Or email us, and we will tell you more about our programs: PenedesEmpordaPriorat