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Wineries of the Emporda region: a wine tour from Barcelona

Let's get to know some wineries in the Emporda region that can be visited as part of our wine and gastronomy tour, starting from colourful Barcelona. But be aware that this is only a small part of our list of wineries. We are ready to offer the best wineries of the region in a personalised program designed for you.

#1. Cellers d'en Guilla winery

This winery is famous for its various Garnacha varieties. White, red and rosé Garnacha: these grapes are used to make white, red, rosé and sweet wines.

On a private tour, you visit the wine cellar and as a nice bonus, you can enjoy a few glasses of excellent local wine during a tasting. By the way, in Barcelona you can taste wine from Cellers d'en Guilla at restaurants in Barcelona such as:

  • La Pepita Barcelona
  • Mixtel-la Barcelona
  • Mil921 Barcelona
  • Momos Barcelona
  • Monvinic Barcelona
  • El Xiringo Barcelona

But we offer you the more exclusive option of a gastronomic trip that you deserve: wine and food tasting in local authentic restaurants of the best wineries of the Emporda region. As well as in Michelin restaurants.

Wineries of the Emporda region: a wine tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Wineries of the Emporda region: a wine tour from Barcelona to Emporda

#2. Masia Serra winery

The winery has belonged to the Serra family for many years. Tradition is honoured here, as it is in any respectable Catalan family. Even more so when it comes to winemaking. 

The Bodega is famous not only for its varieties of Garnacha, but also for its French varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot). Masia Serra wines are sold in cases of 6 bottles.

#3. La Vinyeta winery

A visit to this winery offers a wide "range" of services, from a simple tasting course to a scenic tour of the region's surroundings.

#4. Martín Faixó winery

Like most local wineries, the bodega is a family asset. Traditional techniques are used in the making of the wines, which are considered a family jewel.

It is one of the oldest wineries in the Emporda region, housed in a 14th century manor house! We are particularly pleased that we can offer our guests not only the opportunity to taste the best Catalan wines at this location.

But we can also organise a birthday party or a wedding ceremony in an unusual and stylish setting. Casamiga Events has extensive experience in organising weddings and birthdays.

Wineries of the Emporda region: a wine tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Martín Faixó winery. Best Wineries Near Barcelona

#5. Bodega Martí Fabra winery

The winery is located in a 12th century manor house! A winery that has been solely dedicated to winemaking for centuries, Martí Fabra's products are renowned for their fine taste.

Garnacha white and red, Carignena white, pink and red, Muscat, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Syrah and Merlot are the grapes used.
Tastings, as well as the price of a private winery tour, must be arranged in advance. Contact us.

Best winery near me | Casamiga Events
Bodega Martí Fabra winery. Best Wineries Near Barcelona. Wine tasting

#6. Bodega Castillo Perelada

The World Association of Wine Journalists and Writers has ranked Castillo Perelada as the 60th best bodega in the world. No wonder, because last year alone the wines of this bodega were awarded 20 prizes in different international competitions!

It is worth mentioning that the bodega Castillo Perelada has developed two new varieties of wine. Both of these varieties have reached the top of the world's best wines. The 2008 Finca Malaveïna was ranked 11th with 187 points, while the 2007 Fincas was ranked 23rd with 158 points.

If you are a foodie and are interested in a wonderful lunch with tastings in the best bodegas of Empordà and champagne factories of Catalonia, write to us. 

Best winery near me Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Bodega Castillo Perelada. Best Wineries Near Barcelona

Casamiga Events will organise an original tour where you can observe the wine making process. Perhaps you would simply like to replenish your wine cellar in Spain to give your guests a worthwhile meal, with a wine tour we can help you make the best choice.

Our personalised tours are available for 1 or 2 days. We do not work with tour groups or take large numbers of people on our tour (6 people maximum), because our services are exclusive and private.

Moreover, our wine tours are not limited to visits to wineries. Casamiga Events' itineraries and services are not like the mass-market tours offered by tour operators. And the selection of premium services for our tours is limited only by your imagination. Find out more about our wine and gastronomy programs.

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