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Montserrat vineyards from Barcelona: one-day tour

If you are lucky enough to be in Catalonia, you can't leave without visiting Mount Monserrat. It is a sacred place for all the locals and an object of devotion for pilgrims from all over the world. The unique silhouette of Mount Monserrat, with its active monastery and the Palace of the Black Madonna, is just an hour's drive from Barcelona.

Monserrat is a special place, a place to walk and see beautiful scenery, but also a place to think in peace and quiet, enjoy the fresh mountain air, walk unpretentious trails and appreciate the majesty of nature and stone.

At the top of Mount Monserrat or in the monastery when touching the holy black Madonna no one will remain indifferent. Or one can enter a temple and, by touching the holy black Madonna, entrust to her the most intimate things. Montserrat is a window to heaven, working without a break for sleep or lunch. In fact, the fame of the miracles associated with this place has spread around the world and pilgrims from all over the world flock here.

Montserrat wine tasting from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Montserrat wine tasting from Barcelona, Spain

Montserrat Monastery: Catalonia's main sanctuary

And, as it happens, Catalonia's main holy shrine, the Montserrat Monastery, is surrounded by endless vineyards. In fact, this is no coincidence. After all, the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine used to be the main occupation of monastic communities. Even today, wine plays an important role in church tradition, as part of the sacrament of communion.

Thus, a visit to the holy site of Montserrat and the wine cellars on the same itinerary makes perfect sense. The praise of Catalan winemaking and the wines of the region is endless. But not to be unsubstantiated, you can see for yourself if you visit one of the wineries near Barcelona.

Montserrat wine tasting from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Montserrat wine tasting from Barcelona, Spain

Wineries of Montserrat: private wine tour for 1 day

You can give your preference to one winery of your choice or visit several wineries as part of our wine tour. Our service is unique in putting together the most convenient and interesting itinerary for you.

Montserrat vineyards from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Montserrat vineyards from Barcelona, Spain

Each winery is exciting and unique in its history and production. Each wine that we present to you will be ready to show you its best qualities. In addition to red and white wines, we can arrange for you to taste cava, the local sparkling wine.

After a personal wine and cava tasting, you can choose what you like best and take a bottle away with you. Or maybe even a few bottles of fine Catalan wine.

Montserrat vineyards from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Montserrat vineyards from Barcelona, Spain

Wine tour, gastronomy and sightseeing tour of Montserrat

Imagine climbing a serpentine road for the last kilometres and taking in breathtaking views. The jumble of rocks, the giant stone statues are awe-inspiring. Believe us, there's nothing else like it!

You'll learn the history of the monastery and the historical characters associated with it along the way. Then a visit to the Black Madonna and viewpoints with stunning views awaits. Of particular interest is the Holy Cave, the place where, according to legend, local shepherds attracted by the divine glow discovered the Black Madonna.

Montserrat vineyards from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Montserrat Wine Cellar, Spain
There is also a museum with an amazing collection of paintings, divided into several themes: jewels and orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary, as well as Middle Eastern heritage, paintings and sculptures from the 15th and 18th centuries.

The halls display the paintings of famous masters such as Caravaggio, El Greco, Picasso, Dali, Degas and many others. There are funiculars. There are shops with very decent souvenirs and locally produced products such as monastery honey, cheese and various liqueurs.

1-day wine tour to Montserrat from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
1-day wine tour to Montserrat from Barcelona, Spain

Itinerary from Barcelona to the Montserrat vineyards and Penedes wineries

The tour will continue to the famous winery of Montserrat, one of the most fertile wine-growing regions of the world, Penedes, located only 30 km from Barcelona.

Penedes is the largest producer of sparkling Spanish wine called cava. This winemaking dynasty dates back to the XVII century, when a noble Spanish family member, Maria Anna Codornio, married Don Miguel Raventes.

Montserrat winery: 2-days wine tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Tasting Montserrat wine during lunch, Spain

The Casa Codorniu is an Art Nouveau masterpiece built in 1915 by the great Catalan architect Josep Putsch i Cadafalch. You will learn many interesting things: what Cava is, who was the pioneer of the production of sparkling wines, and the history of the Codorniu family.

Montserrat winery: 2-days wine tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Tasting Montserrat wine during lunch, Spain

Codornio's quest for excellence has made it one of the world's most celebrated winemakers. In 1897 Queen Maria Cristina appointed Codorniu as official supplier to the Spanish Royal Court. A tour of the distillery and a visit to the endless cellars, 25 kilometres of underground galleries, will conclude with the unique opportunity to taste and purchase the incomparable wines of Codornio.

Best of all, the winery owners will tell you all this in person, without the crowds of tourists or other groups. You won't have to queue because Casamiga Events tours are always private tours. Our private wine and food tours are organised under the best conditions and involve visiting the best wineries in Catalonia!

Montserrat winery: 2-days wine tour from Barcelona | Casamiga Events
Montserrat winery: 2-days wine tour from Barcelona, Spain

Recommendations for visiting Montserrat's wineries

On a wine tour, be sure to bring comfortable clothing and shoes to visit the vineyards and the mountain of Montserrat comfortably. For women who wish to enter the Montserrat Monastery, we recommend clothing with shoulders and knees covered. Sunscreen is particularly recommended during the hot months.

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