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Spanish Orange wines: have you ever heard of them?

We are not talking about pale reds and whites, but rather about Spanish orange wines. There are 6 Spanish wines to choose from, all of which are particularly noteworthy.

You can purchase these wines in Barcelona or in the wine-growing regions. So, which are the must-try orange wines from Spain...

#1. Tsamendi Bat Berri 2018

An orange wine Tsamendi Bat Berri 2018 (from Bizkaiko Txakolina) which is produced in the Basque Country. The grapes for this drink are grown in the municipality of Guernica. The region is known for its mix of different types of soil. This, of course, is reflected in the taste of the drink.

The final fermentation phase takes place in traditional clay vessels. The distinctive characteristics of Tsamendi Bat Berri wine are its strong notes of fresh grass and grapefruit. And the aftertaste of the drink is a little salty.

The price of a bottle starts at 10 €.

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#2. Brisat de Giró Ros

Also, worth checking out is the Brisat de Giró Ros (Vi de la Terra de Mallorca). It has a tart, slightly astringent taste with notes of apricot, nuts, peach and tropical fruit with a sweet citrus aftertaste. The peculiarity of this wine's production is that the crushed grapes are left to macerate for 4 days in the cold room along with the skins.

A bottle of Brisat de Giró Ros starts at 12 €.

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#3. Enrosado wine

Enrosado 2019 (from Manchuela), priced at €9 per bottle, is fermented in the traditional way in amphora clay vessels. The berries and their skins are placed in these vessels.

The aromas of plum, quince and baked apple are distinctive. One can also detect a hint of anise. The aftertaste of the orange Enrosado is fruity and slightly astringent.

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#4. Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol

Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol is produced in Toledo-Castilla La Mancha. It is a wine with bright fruit and caramel flavours. The production process requires the drink to mature in a steel tank for a few months. Its taste hints of honey and fruit.

The price of 1 bottle starts at 10 €.

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#5. Anima Mund

Anima Mundi from Penedes is aged for around 3 months in wooden barrels. It has a fresh taste with dried fruit and dried herbs. Initially, the wine seems a bit sour, but the drink leaves a fruity aftertaste with a slight bitterness.

This wine costs from 22 € per bottle.

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#6. Komocabras Tinalla Naranja

This is another orange wine. Komocabras Tinalla Naranja is produced in Barbanza e Iria, La Coruña. It is a fruity wine, with light herbal notes.

It is aged for 10 months in wooden barrels. Experts say the taste of the wine perfectly balances sweetness, bitterness and a hint of acidity.

The price of this wine starts at 16 € per bottle.

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Orange Wine Tasting

Interested in learning more about Spanish wines? 

The autonomous community of Catalonia, (in Spain), produces wines of exceptional quality and is popular the world over. The best wine regions are found amongst the plains of the Mediterranean coast and coastal mountains.

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