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Wine and Valentine's Day: Wine tasting and food in Barcelona

Few things can be more romantic on a table than a white tablecloth, the light of a candle and its reflection on a bottle of wine. It could very well be a Valentine's Day postcard. The fact is that water is good for reflecting one face, but a glass of wine is perfect for reflecting two... perhaps because of the red color.

Romantic dinner is well worth two glasses and a bottle of wine

Wine is drunk in moderation, and it's true that it's great for being a catalyst for interesting conversations. When you think of beer, you might think of football... but a romantic dinner is well worth two glasses and a bottle of wine. No doubt about it.

Now that Valentine's Day is just a few days away, we dare to give some recommendations to "pair" wine and Valentine's Day celebration in the best possible way. If you are going to cook, the first thing you should think about when thinking about a wine is how it will go with the food you have in mind. The same goes if you are going to a restaurant.

Here are some ideas. If, for example, you want to spend a Valentine's evening at a Mexican restaurant, don't settle for beer... a sparkling wine such as Cava goes wonderfully with the spiciness of this type of food. The same goes for many oriental dishes, curries, etc. The bubbles will blend with the spiciness of the food in a very pleasant harmonious way.

Pink tends to be a very typical choice for Valentine's Day, no doubt because it is a color that is repeated in many love notes... Pink is not only for summer. In fact, in Spain, we are lucky to have rosé wines with a lot of extraction. These wines are perfect for pasta dishes, or for salmon dishes. The best wine to pair with salmon is Pinot Noir, but there are not many wines with this type of grape in Spain, so a rosé with a lot of extraction is sure to go great.

It is typical of Valentine's Day to end the dinner with a chocolate dessert

Chocolates are undoubtedly one of the most popular gifts for this celebration. Roses and chocolates... A sweet wine, and please don't get confused with the "grandmother's wines" that many people refer to when talking about sweet wines, are perfect to combine with chocolate.

In Spain we have clear examples of high quality sweet wines made with Verdejo grapes, or red wines with Monastrell from the Jumilla area that, when combined in the mouth with chocolate, will result in an explosion of flavour.

The red is possibly the calmest wine

We can imagine more settled couples, chatting quietly about what has been and what will be. .... But to each his or her own. Although it is nice to make the analogy between the age of wine and the age of a relationship celebrating Valentine's Day, the truth is that everyone has their own tastes and their own pocket... But we recommend everyone to enjoy in moderation with a dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine.

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